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What is Bobuild?

Bobuild lets you create online databases and web applications around them. It's the perfect companion to your website, as it lets you create interactive web portals or backoffices with workflows, data visualizations, forms, authentication and much more.

You don't need to write code: just configure everything using our visual interface and use it instantly. The structure of your data, as well as the application, can be changed at any time so it adapts to the needs of your business without the complexity and the costs of hiring a software developer, testing the changes and deploying them.

Bobuild is secure and powerful.

What can I do with Bobuild?

There's no limit. Let's see some examples and ideas:

  • A customer database, with:
    • order tracking
    • access restricted to your employees
    • a distinct portal for your customers, where they can see the order history
  • A recruiting tracking system, with:
    • job listings
    • forms for sending applications
    • reserved area for browsing applications, tracking interviews and sharing notes with other hiring managers
    • reports and charts
  • A call for papers or a contest, with:
    • forms for sending applications
    • reserved area for browsing and evaluating applications
    • automated e-mail notifications for acceptance, rejection or waiting list
    • reserved area for applicants where they can track the status of their application and provide additional information
  • A conference management portal, with:
    • database of speeches, sessions, speakers, rooms, moderators
    • public calendar
    • public form for registering to events (hey, no need to use Eventbrite anymore!)
    • internal tracking of speaker status (accommodation, confirmation, online contract, check-in...)
    • automated e-mail reminders to speakers who haven't confirmed yet
    • reserved area for speakers to browse and download the list of registered attendees

...and so on.

You can see some examples in our gallery, or have a chat with us!

What features does it support?

The list is very long, but here are the most important ones:

  • bulk import/export of your data
  • data-driven e-mail generation (with templates) triggered by user events
  • batch tasks triggered by user events
  • forms, tables, tabs, charts, pivot tables and more interface elements
  • customizable appearance (custom CSS and JS)
  • automatic fields (fields that get populated automatically according to textual or numeric formulas based on other fields)
  • user authentication (and even Single Sign-On through your external provider)
  • your app can be embedded in your external website (including WordPress websites)
  • custom domains can be attached to your app

How do I get started?

Invest 30 minutes of your time to understand how Bobuild works, and after you learn the basics you'll be able to build your application(s) easily.

Follow this documentation or ask us for a free demo: we'll be glad to show you how to get started.